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ValuTrode® 2.75” Rnd Carb Flm Wht Fm Tp Electrode - PN#CFF275
Case of 10 packs of 4

Suggested List: n/a
Sale Price: $41.00

ValuTrode, a unique reusable family of electrodes.

Weighing in at just 2 mil thin (as opposed to 4-5 mil thick), this carbon film electrode has other secrets:
  • Proprietary lead wire technology. Each exclusive lead wire contains over 1,000 strands of stainless steel as the current carrier.

  • Patented MultiStick® Adhesive Gel provides maximum durability longevity and performance.

ValuTrodes innovative carbon film and lead wire advancements:
  • Eliminate the need for silver coating

  • Ensure optimum current distribution

  • Maximize conformity

Our reusable electrode products are rich in other cost-effective features:
  • Rounded release liners enhance safety and appeal

  • Ingenious film pre-treatment process before gel application minimizes peeling and promotes electrode longevity

  • The lead wire electrode interface is customized for each electrode, optimizing current distribution for each size and shape.

  • No silver, No anchor, No edge biting or recession.

There’s a difference between economical and cheap.
Technology makes the difference.