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EMSI® IF 4250 - PN# F4250
Portable Interferential Stim 2-CH

Suggested List: n/a
Sale Price: $193.50

EMSI® IF 4250

Channels: Dual
Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable 0 – 50 mA Peak @ 500 S/Channel
Carrier Frequency: 4,000 Hz Fixed (Channel A)
Interference Frequency: Channel B
Constant Mode: 4 - 400 Beats/Sec
Auto Sweep: 4 - 45 Beats/Sec, 80 - 150 Beats/Sec, 4 - Set
Sweep Timer: 15 Sec
Wave Form Symmetrical Balanced Sine Wave
Pulse Duration: 125 µ
SecTreatment Timer: 20 Minutes
Battery/Life: 9 Vlt (Alkaline) Approx. 100 Hrs @ Normal Settings
Size: 1.1” x 2.4” x 3.7” (27 x 62 x 95mm)
Weight (with battery): 160g/5.6oz

Interferential Simulator features:
  • Dual Channel - Quadrapolar

  • Adjustable Pulse Amplitude

  • Carrier Frequency Plus Interference Frequency

  • Sweep and Treatment Timers

  • Durable Metal Belt Clip

  • Pocket Size – Easy Operation

  • One Year Replacement Warranty

NOTE: This device is a controlled by the Food and Drug Admistration (FDA) and can only be sold to a licensed Purchaser or have a Prescription for Device. Verification must be provided to ship unit !!