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Standard A.E.R. Boot with Hand Pump (Gray) - PN# 4336
(Auto Edema Reduction)

Suggested List: $94.95
Sale Price: $80.71

This simple, yet extremely effective compression device works through natural mechanical action to produce a dynamic reduction of fluid from a lower extremity. The A.E.R. Boot forces air from a chamber beneath the foot to exert massage-like compression on the ankle and surrounding tissues and it even includes a hand pump.
º Enhances the body's own lymphatic pumping
mechanism to aid in edema reduction.
º The Sport model is designed with inside pockets to accommodate ice or FlexiPAC® cold packs for cold and compression therapy.

When the foot contacts the
ground, a small air-filled chamber
beneath the foot is compressed.

This causes the pressure in the
chambers to increase.

When full weight-bearing is
achieved the pressure reaches a
maximum level.
When the foot begins to leave
the ground, the pressure is
decreased, resulting in dynamic
intermittent compression.

click here to view .pdf brochure on the A.E.R. boot.