AccuMed™ - AccuMed™ Trodes
AccuMed™ - Adjustable Pneumatic Stools
AccuMed™ - Clinical Modalities
AccuMed™ - Economical Modalities
AccuMed™ - Hot / Cold Packs
1 - AccuMed HOT or COLD Packs - *SPECIAL*
1-Chattanooga ColPaC® Cold Group
1-Chattanooga Moist Heat Group
Accumed™ - Intelect® Ultrasound, Stim & Combo
Economical Combo
Legend Series
Legend XT Series
TranSport® Series
AccuMed™ - InTENSity™ Digital Portable Units
AccuMed™ - Nuvita™ Skin Care & Massage
Nuvita™ Infared Light Therapy Panel System
NuVita™ Skin Cleansing and Toning System
AccuMed™ - Portable Ultrasound
AccuMed™ - Positioning Pillows
AccuMed™ - TENS & Portables
AccuMed™ - TNT Portable™ Driving Controls
AccuMed™ Interferential Portable
AccuMed™ Portable EMS
AccuMed™ TENS
AccuMed™ Topical Analgesic
Adjustable Height Stools
Adjustable Height Tables
Aids to Daily Living
AMMEX® Select Gloves
AMMEX® Standard Gloves
AMMEX® Disposable Latex Gloves
AMMEX® Disposable Nitrile Gloves (Exam Grade)
AMMEX Nitrile Exam Gloves Premium
AMMEX® Black Nitrile Exam Gloves
AMMEX® Indigo Nitrile Exam Gloves
AMMEX® Xtreme Nitrile Gloves
AMMEX® GlovePlus HD Heavy Duty Nitrile
AMMEX® Disposable Poly Gloves
AMMEX® Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Armedica Manufacturing
Traction Table
Cando® Exercise Equipment
Anti-Burst Inflatable Ball
Bow-Tie™ Tubing Exerciser
Exercise Bands - Low Powder
Exercise Bands - No Latex
Exercise Loops
Exercise Tubing
Flexible Hand Bar
Inflatable Ball
PEP™ Packs
Vestibular Discs
Chattanooga Electrotherapy Cart
Chattanooga Stainless Carts
Whitehall Utility Carts
Chattanooga - TheraTherm™ Electric Hot Packs
Chattanooga Group - Heating / Chilling Units
All Terry HotPac Covers
Chilling Units
Foam Filled HotPac Covers
Heating Units
SensaFlex Pacs
Terry Vinyl Covers
Therma-Wrap for Flexi-Pac
Chattanooga Group - Intelect® TranSport Line
Chattanooga Group - Nyletex Wraps
Chattanooga Group Fluidotherapy
Chattanooga Group Legend XT Series
Chattanooga Group Upholstery Colors
Designer Colors
Rhinohyde™ Colors
Chattanooga Legend Series (Discontinued)
High-Volt Probe Kit
Low Volt Stim
Chattanooga TX® Traction System
Chattanooga Ultrasound Applicators
Intelect® XT / Intelect TranSport®
Legend - Forte CPS - Vectra Series
ComforTrac™ home traction devices
Compression Therapy
A.E.R. Compression Therapy System
PresSsion® Unit
Continuous Passive Motion
Knee CPM
Shoulder CPM
Contracture Management Orthrotics
CozyHold Hot & Cold
CozyHold Slide Show Info
CozyHold™ Cold/Hot Wrap
Dura Comfort Tables
Dura Comfort Contour Table
Dura Comfort Gallatin Table
Dura Comfort Massage Table
Dura Comfort Rectangle Table
Dura Comfort Tilt-Head Table
Dura Comfort Upholstery Colors
Electric Hi-Lo Tables
Premium Oak Treatment Tables
Dynatronics - Resist-A-Band™
Dynatronics 25-Series Electrotherapy/Combo
Dynatron 25 Series & Solaris Series Applicators
Dynatron 25 Series Stim & Combo Units
Dynatron 50+ Smart Applicators
Dynatronics Clinic Supplies
Foot Stools
Dynatronics Exercise
Deluxe Cuff Weight
Dynatronics Exercise Balls
Neopreme Dumbbells
Scifit® Trainer
Sewn Ankle Weights
SportsArt 3110 Treadmill
SportsArt 6300 Treadmill
Stability Ball Rack (2-tier & 3-tier)
Strap & Dumbbell Weight Storage Racks
Thera-Band® Exercise Acessories
Thera-Band® Exercise Balls
Thera-Band® Exercise Bands
Thera-Band® Exercise Kits (upper and lower body)
Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing
Thera-Band® Hand Exercisers
Thera-Band® SDS Balls
Thera-Band® Soft Weights
Thera-P® Bars
XTM CAM Strength Training
Dynatronics Rehabilitation
Curb & Ramp
Hi-Lo Tables
Parallel Bars
Posture Mirrors
Training Stairs
Dynatronics Traction
Dyna Traction Unit
Dynatronics Treatment Tables
Earthlite Apex Adjusting Table
Earthlite Challenger Folding Table
Economy Treatment Tables
Heavy Duty Treatment Tables
Mat Tables
Premium Oak Treatment Tables -
Electro Therapy Units
Electrodes & Accessories
Dura-Stick® High Volt Accesssory Kit
Dura-Stick® Supreme
Dura-Stick® TENS
Exercise Devices
BodySport Ball
Hand Exercisers
Peddle Exercisers
Fluidotherapy ® - Dry Heat Therapy
Gel Medex Cushions / Pads
Basic Wheelchair Cushion
P Wheelchair Cushion
SP Wheelchair Cushion
SPP Wheelchair Cushion
Ultra Pressure Reduction Pads
Gels - Topical Lotions
AccuMed Gels & Lotions
Massage Lotion
Topical Lotions
Ultrasound Gels
Gloves (Exam,Food Service & More)
Latex Exam Gloves
Guardian Alert 911
Intersegmental Traction Table
Massage Therapy
Massage Lotion / Oils
Massage Mat
Massage Table
Mat Table
Mat Folding Platform Series 1420
Mat Platform Series 1411
Mat Platforms Series 1412
Mesurement devices
Dynomometer Device
Evaluator™ Calibration Assessment Instrument
Hand Evaluation Device
Skin Fold Caliper
Mettler Auto*Therm® Shortwave Diathermy
Mettler Sonicator® Plus Combination Therapy
Mettler Sys*Stim Laser Light Therapy
Mettler Sys*Stim™ & Trio*Stim™ Units
Laser Sys*Stim™ 540
Parafin Wax Therapy
Pillows, Mattresses & Cushions
Portable Pain Management
High-Volt Unit
Interferential Unit
Micro-Current Unit
TENS Accessories
Pressure Pads
Wheelchair Cushions
Saunders® Traction Equipment
Terry Covers
Chattanooga Group
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Traction Accessories
Traction Equipment
Treatment Tables
Whitehall Thermalator™ Heating Units
Thermalator™ Mobile T-12-M
Thermalator™ Mobile T-8-M
Thermalator™ Stationary T-4-S
Thermalator™ Stationary T-6-S
Thermalator™ Stationary T-8-S
Whitehall Whirlpools
Whitehall Extremity Whirlpools
Whitehall Full Body Immersion Tank
Whitehall Hi-Boy Whirlpools
Whitehall Lo-Boy Whirlpools
Whitehall Podiatry Whirlpools
Whitehall Sports Whirlpools