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Dynatronics 25-Series Electrotherapy/Combo

(5) Models Available with a Modality to meet your Needs!!!

Exclusive 3 & 5 Channel Models with Unequaled Comboplus¢ā Combination Therapy
The only 3 and 5 channel devices available. All channels allow fully-independent treatment setups as well as ComboPlus technology offering Ultrasound in combination with Interferential, Premodulated, Biphasic, High Voltage pulsed stimulation, and Russian stimulation using any available electrotherapy channel.

Three Frequency Ultrasound
Dynatron 25 Series models offer 1, 2, and 3 MHz frequencies for the greatest flexibility in depth of treatment. Choose 1 MHz for deep treatments, 2 MHz for moderate depth, or 3 MHz for superficial depth.

Exclusive TARGET & TARGET SWEEP for Interferential Treatments
There"s no easier, more efficient way to focus treatment precisely where it”Ēs needed! Simply glide your finger across the TARGET touchpad to move the center of interference to the site of your patient”Ēs pain. Available on all 25 Series electrotherapy devices.

Patented 3-Frequency Ultrasound
The only Ultrasound devices in the industry offering 1, 2, and 3 MHz frequencies for the greatest flexibility in depth of treatment. Purchase of a Solaris 25 Series with Ultrasound (D925B & D825B)is enhanced by the addition of one of the applicator soundheads 2, 5, or 10 cm©÷ - Soundhead Options


Dynatron 25 Series & Solaris Series Applicators

Dynatron 25 Series & Solaris Applicators

Complete with a Three Frequency Ultrasound Output

Dynatron 25 Series models offer 1, 2 and 3 MHz frequenciesa for the greatest flexibility in depth of treatment, along with the Solaris Series. Choose 1Mhz for Deep Treatments. 2MHz for moderate depth, or 3MHz for superficial depth.

Your Choice of a 2cm (PN# DSH02), 5cm (PN# DSH05) or 10cm (PN# DSH10)Applicator.

Dynatron 25 Series Stim & Combo Units

Dynatron 50+ Smart Applicators


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