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InTENSity™ IF Combo (TENS & Interferential) PN# INT-IFCMB

InTENSity™ IF Combo w/ (TENS - Interferential) Waveform Stim Output, All In One unit !!

Suggested List: $649.00
Sale Price: $129.80

InTENSity™ IF Combo w/ (TENS - Interferential) Waveform Stim Output, All In One unit !!

InTENSity™ IF Combo

The InTENSity™ IF Combo
combines Tens and Interferential to give you the best chance of treating patients that may need something stronger than a Tens unit. The IF Combo has 4 modes of Tens and 4 modes of Interferential. The InTENSityTM IF Combo is 105mA strong and comes standard with an AC Adapter.

Wave Form: Tens - Monophasic Square, Interferential - Biphasic Square

Pulse Rate: Tens - 1-150 Hz, Interferential - 4kHz

Pulse Width: Tens - 50-300us, Interferential - 125us

Pase duration: 250us

Output Voltage: Tens - Constant Current, Interferential - Constant Current

Current: Tens - 0-105mA, Interferential - 0-105mA•

Modes: Tens - 4, Interferential - 4•

Timer: Tens - 1-60 Constant, Interferential - 1-60 Constant, Interferential

Freq: 1-150 beats

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