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All New Sub Zero - New & Improved Topical Analgesic - Was Cat's Clw !!

Sub Zero Pain Relief Gel

Sub Zero Pain Relief Gel provides long-lasting, deep-penetrating pain relief right where you need it. A truly unique and effective pain reliever, Sub Zero is formulated with ILEX, Boswellia, and Uncaria Tormentosa (Cats Claw/Una De Gato) Available in 1 Gallon Pump; 16 OZ Pump; 4 OZ Tube and 3 OZ Roll-On.

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Hot and Cold Re-Usable Packs with Soft Fabric Cover

Affordable Re-Usable Hot or Cold Packs

Hot/Cold Pack

High-quality, reuseable gel hot/cold pack. Available in 5”x10”, 7.5" x 11" and 11" x 14" sizes. Soft, blue cover feels smooth and comfortable against the skin. Whether hot or cold, temperature provides consistent relief for long periods of time.

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New Digital TENS & TENS Combo Units @ the best Prices !!

InTENSity™ Digital Portabl Units

InTENSity™ Digital Units

The NEW InTENSity™ Digital series of electrotherapy products
have arrived! The InTENSity™ digital devices combine innovation with an easy
to use interface. Your patients will know they were given a modern device that
gives them the best chance at getting the right therapy. There are currently
4 devices in this series with more coming in 2011. All InTENSity™ Units have
the same beautifully design and come standard with an AC Adapter. This
line of digitals is incredibly innovative, incredibly easy to use and
surprisingly affordable.

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HT329L1 Wireless Mini EMS / TENS Unit

The HT329L1 Wireless Combination EMS/TENS is a Full Power output TENS and EMS Device in a Very Small lightweight, easy-to-use unit. Unit size 1" x 2" The HT329L1 is effective in helping to manage particular pain problem. Use it to assist treatment of headache, toothache, back pain, tennis elbow, sports strains and muscles injuries & relieving soreness in the applied area. It also helps to strengthen and tone muscles.

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Mettler Sys*Stim™ Laser Light Therapy Model 540

Shine a new light on your practice with the newest member of Mettler Electronics' product line for therapy, the Laser Sys*Stim 540. This exciting new device features a laser applicator at 785nm for deep tissues. Optional Cluster applicator at 950nm and a 660nm to allow the clinician to treat larger areas.
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